Saturday, 31 October 2009

The Book

So back in the day, I edited and published Outremer, an anthology of prose, verse and drama on the Rudel legend by the likes of Robert Browning, Heinrich Heine, PG Wodehouse, AE Swinburne and Edmond Rostand. You can order copies of the book from me, or from Amazon marketplace (also me, effectively).

I've also put up a website with some - but not all - of the material featured in the book, along with some of the beautiful illustrations by Marcus Sedgwick.
(Update June 2012: The website's gone for the moment - I don't like the look of the whole MobileMe-to-iCloud palaver, so I've unsubscribed.)

Feel free to email me for more info on the book.

To begin with...

I stumbled across the legend of Jaufré Rudel nearly two decades ago (long story - another time) and, despite having moved on from the obsessive phase of Rudel-chasing, I still keep my eyes peeled for glimpses of my spurious ancestor in story, song and full-scale opera.

Who knows - this blog may take off and become a much-frequented niche, or it might only be maintained and visited occasionally. So be it.

If you want, get up to speed on Rudel with the wikipedia entry.